I’m Moving to WordPress.org (Soon)!

I hinted at it several months ago and I’ve had the idea in my head for about a year but I’ve finally made a firm decision: I am moving from the free wordpress.com over to the paid wordpress.org.  Obviously I’m not moving over right this very second but I want to start the transition on the afternoon of December 21st and be fully done by January 1st, in time to launch my 2016 reading and reviewing challenge.  I’m hoping to migrate over all of my followers as well as pay for a link redirect so that anyone still coming back here gets directed to my new site.  We’ll see how things go.  They should go reasonably well as I’ll be paying for a guided transfer rather than mucking through the whole thing on my own.  My archives are too vast to even attempt that with my level of technological know-how (or lack thereof).

So stick around because there are going to be some great changes coming this way!  I hope to see you all over on my official website in a month or so.

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