Discussion: Blog Traffic Patterns

One odd thing I’ve noticed over the years is that Mondays are my absolute best traffic days but Fridays are my worst.  This isn’t that odd when you think about it: people love to procrastinate at work on Mondays whereas on Fridays they’re more focused on going out.  But what’s interesting to me is what happens when there’s a holiday in North America (primarily in the United States): traffic goes down.

With everyone at home, you’d think my traffic would go up.  Yet the week of American Thanksgiving always finds virtual tumbleweeds blowing across the expanse of my blog.  What gives?  Do people only visit during work hours to procrastinate or when it’s a holiday do more people spend time with their families instead of on the internet?  It’s an interesting question and I wonder if it’s the same for a lot of other blogs or even larger websites.

Well, what do you guys think?  If you’re a blogger, do you have this happen as well?


  1. Lekeisha

    Every season here in the US comes with lots of breaks. Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Travel is going on a lot during those times, and mostly everyone is out and about. You can bet that there will be slower traffick this time of year because most bloggers take breaks to be with their families. I try to keep at it, if only to have scheduled blog tours and things to post while I’m not around. It can get pretty crazy during the holidays.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, I definitely understand that. It’s just odd that with more people home and not working that traffic goes down. I guess more people screw around on the internet when they’re at work.

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