Lazy Sundays: Winter Sucks

Even though I’ve moved over 400 kilometres (250 miles) south, I find that my new home is much colder.  Which is odd, because you’d think that the further south you live, even if it’s just a couple hundred kilometres, the warmer things would be.  Apparently not.  I find that my new city is colder than it is up north because the wind blows right off the frozen river.  So although the ‘real’ temperature isn’t that low, the windchill quickly makes things unbearable.  At least up north I wasn’t near a river and had trees for shelter.

Or maybe I’m just being more curmudgeony than usual because the windchill has prevented me from going outside much lately.  I’m geting slightly stir-crazy but at the same time I’ve been reading much more than I normally would.  So I guess that’s an upside?

I hope you guys are warmer than I am!  How was your Sunday?


  1. kenwd0elq

    Climate depends on a lot of factors, and latitude is only one of them. You’d expect more moderate weather along the shore than inland, and cooler weather at higher altitude. Local weather patterns can be pretty strange as well; living in Canada NORTH of Lake Erie is more pleasant than living in Upper New York SOUTH of Lake Erie.

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