Blog Move in Progress

In just a few hours today the awesome people at WordPress are going to move my blog over to my own domain!  I’m very, very excited about this but it means I can’t post or change my blog at all for about 24 hours until they email me saying the transfer is complete.  It’s a little inconvenience for a great benefit so if you don’t see me around much today it’s because I’m staying away to let more tech-savvy people do a pretty tricky job.

Don’t worry.  Once the new website is up I’ll have a big announcement and everything.  I can’t wait to see it!


  1. Fictionophile

    I’ve been thinking of going from the free WordPress to having my own domain. I’ve been reluctant because I don’t know any of the ramifications. I’m afraid I’ll loose followers and that people that have links to my blog will find the links no longer work… I would be interested in your experience – both the pros and the cons. Many thanks!

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