My Posting Schedule Going Forward

Since I finally have the energy to do more than just collapse in bed after a day of work, I will be returning to a semi-regular schedule here at The Mad Reviewer.  While I won’t be posting five reviews a week any longer, I will be posting a review every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a Saturday discussion post.  If I decide to write an article that week it will probably be posted on Tuesdays but that will be a bit rarer as I am now also attending university and have to do quite a bit of reading for my classes.  So we’ll see how the new posting schedule works out!

I’ve missed blogging about books more than I can say for the past two years.  I really want to get back into my regular reading pattern and if that means taking it slow at first, that’s fine.  As long as I have a schedule I can stick to I’m happy to reduce the number of posts.

So welcome back to all my old readers and welcome to the blog for any first time readers!  I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!


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