Lazy Sundays: Dragonstone (Game of Thrones Episode 7.01)

Yay, Game of Thrones is back!  Finally!  I’ve been ridiculously excited for the new season so let’s get to it.  Here are my thoughts about this episode, in no particular order:

1: Okay, so much for the Freys.  I was suspicious when I saw the scene start with a feast but as ‘Walder’ kept talking I figured out who it was.  That scene was just the perfect revenge for Arya.  Go Arya!

2: Samwell, you’re awesome.  Finally, the boy who desperately didn’t want to break the rules or do anything to cause a stir has found some steel in him.  It started when Sam rescued Gilly and killed a white walker (and stole his father’s sword last season) but now I think we’re nearing the end of his sort of coming-of-age character arc.  He used to be a boy, but experience and love have made him into a man.  A man who has to empty bedpans and eat soup that looks like it came out of a bedpan, sure.  But a man nevertheless.

3: NO!!! Poor Ser Jorah.  sigh  I know he’s going to die so I really, really hope he waits until Daenerys gets there.  The writers are keeping him alive and putting him in Oldtown for a reason.  But at the same time, I’m still holding out hope beyond hope that Sam will somehow find him a cure and he goes back to Daenerys.  What can I say?  Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic after all.

4: The Sansa and Jon tension will only heat up this season.  With Littlefinger plotting as usual and Jon being an honourable Stark (despite actually being a Targaryen) I think she may become frustrated with both of them and forge her own path.  Whether that’s alongside Jon or Littlefinger remains to be seen.  Not only did she learn a lot from Cersei, she also learned what not to do when playing the game of thrones by watching what happened to her father and older brother.

5: So I hope Bran and Meera finally get to Winterfell.  I want Jon to finally know his actual origin story.  Preferably before he meets with Daenerys, his aunt.

6: Hmm…you guys, I think Jaime is going to die this season.  His children are dead and his lover/twin is distant and drowning herself in wine.  I honestly just don’t see much of a future for his character.  Perhaps he’ll die fighting in the Reach, trying to claim Highgarden?  I’m not sure, but I really do think he’s going to die this season.  He’s lost all motivation to live.

7: On a side note, can I just commend Euron Greyjoy’s actor for finding the perfect blend of smart alec and crazy?  He’s got the crazy eyes like Theon when he was Reek but you still get the feeling he’s more clever than he’s letting on.  I wonder what present he’s going to give Cersei (besides his two working hands)?

8: And Arya’s travelling along the road and happens across a band of Lannister men with an apparently famous singer doing a cameo.  Huh.  She says she’s going to kill the Queen but I really think she won’t.  Not because Arya doesn’t want to but because I just can’t see Cersei dying that easily.  That would be a real cop-out.

9: After six seasons, Daenerys is finally in Westeros!  And Dragonstone, where she was born.  And it’s completely empty despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Stannis would have left some force behind to guard his home castle.  Oh well, as far as plot holes go this one isn’t bad.

10: Tyrion needs to shave.  Badly.

11: So now that, thanks to Sam, Jon knows there’s dragonglass (obsidian) on Dragonstone, I’m pretty sure he’s going to meet with Daenerys somehow to try to forge an alliance.  He needs to if he’s going to fight the White Walkers.

12: I thought the part with the Hound was going to be boring, but man was I wrong.  I think that whole part where he stumbles on the hut he robbed, sees a vision in the fire and then buries the bodies is a real turning point for him.  Maybe the Lord of Light isn’t so bad after all.  Maybe the Hound is alive for a purpose, just like Beric Dondarrion.

13: Where’s Gendry?  Is he still rowing that damn boat?  Or is Arya going to stumble upon him in or on her way to King’s Landing?  Who knows?  I guess we’ll eventually find out.

And now I can’t wait for next Sunday!  Like Daenerys, I’m definitely ready to begin.  This season is going to be great!!!


  1. patricksponaugle

    Hey, I’ll come back and leave a longer comment (I have to get ready for work.) – this is the first recap I had a chance to read, and I’m so pleased how much you liked the episode (so did I!)

    Special thanks for giving Euron some props. The show has a lot of work to do to get Euron on the show as relevant as Euron in the books.


  2. patricksponaugle

    Not going to lie, I loved Arya killing all those dudes. But there’s a small chance that one of them was not into being a Frey. #NotAllFreys? No, they all deserved it, probably. But it dovetailed nicely with Jon and Sansa’s debate over collective punishment of the Umbers and Karstarks. I support leniency in the face of winter and the undead hordes.

    Bran’s vision was amazing.

    Euron was an improvement over last year. Yes.

    The Hound’s story was great! Coming face to face with past misdeeds is important for redemption narratives, and I love me Thoros and Beric. Like, to a ridiculous degree.

    Arya not having to kill those Lannister guys was also pretty cool. Seasons ago, Brienne had to kill some asshole northerners, and it was surprising. It was kind of surprising that Arya met up with Lannisters who were cool.

    Thanks for doing this recap, I loved reading it! 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Yes I definitely liked the contrast between Arya’s collective punishment of the Freys (except the innocent girl who had been married off to Walder!) and Jon’s leniency in the face of Sansa’s rightful criticism. Honestly, in that scenario I think both Sansa and Jon had a good point but like you agree that leniency is probably the best policy in the face of the threat of the White Walkers. I would, however, have taken Sansa’s subtle hinting that the knights of the Vale should be rewarded somehow and done something with them. I mean, they did completely save Jon’s butt.

      I don’t get the love for Thoros and Beric. They’re kind of a fun bunch except for the religious fundamentalism but that’s probably just more of a personality clash on my part than anything else. I grew up with one too many true believers.

      Yes, I also liked the Arya scene for the reasons you listed. It shows a human side to the soldiers fighting for these great lords in the game. Not all northerners are good and not all Lannisters are evil. It’s the nice sort of moral ambiguity you get in the books a lot more than in the show so I’m actually quite happy about that part being included.

      Well, there’s a recap coming every week so enjoy!

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