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My Posting Schedule Going Forward

Since I finally have the energy to do more than just collapse in bed after a day of work, I will be returning to a semi-regular schedule here at The Mad Reviewer.  While I won’t be posting five reviews a week any longer, I will be posting a review every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a Saturday discussion post.  If I decide to write an article that week it will probably be posted on Tuesdays but that will be a bit rarer as I am now also attending university and have to do quite a bit of reading for my classes.  So we’ll see how the new posting schedule works out!

I’ve missed blogging about books more than I can say for the past two years.  I really want to get back into my regular reading pattern and if that means taking it slow at first, that’s fine.  As long as I have a schedule I can stick to I’m happy to reduce the number of posts.

So welcome back to all my old readers and welcome to the blog for any first time readers!  I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!


So It’s Been a Little While…

Well, hello everyone!

It’s been a while. It’s been pretty chaotic in my personal life between moving to a new city and essentially starting over from scratch. But I think I’m finally in a place where I can resume my regular posting again. I’m going to try to get back to my usual one post per day (4 or 5 reviews in a week and miscellaneous stuff on weekends) but we’ll see how things go. I may have to cut my posting down to 2 or 3 reviews per week but keep my weekend posting. Either way, I want to get back to regular posting and so you can expect to see me around here a lot more.

Basically, I’m back and I hope you’ll stick around for this new era in The Mad Reviewer after such a long hiatus. First step: clearing my reviewing backlog as much as I can.

I’m Back! (A Blogging Update)

I know it’s been a while and some of you probably think I’ve given up on blogging for good but now I’m back and I’m here to stay.  Life was difficult after moving to the city for a number of reasons but I’m finally in a place where I can spend the time and energy I want to here on The Mad Reviewer.  I could have tried to do half-hearted posts and updates these last four months but I didn’t think that would be fair to you guys.  Now, however, things should be back to normal after tomorrow’s special post.  Thank you so much for sticking with me.

I’ll also be catching up on all of the emails and other updates from authors I’ve received in the past few months.  Please be patient!  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Blog Move in Progress

In just a few hours today the awesome people at WordPress are going to move my blog over to my own domain!  I’m very, very excited about this but it means I can’t post or change my blog at all for about 24 hours until they email me saying the transfer is complete.  It’s a little inconvenience for a great benefit so if you don’t see me around much today it’s because I’m staying away to let more tech-savvy people do a pretty tricky job.

Don’t worry.  Once the new website is up I’ll have a big announcement and everything.  I can’t wait to see it!

I’m Moving to (Soon)!

I hinted at it several months ago and I’ve had the idea in my head for about a year but I’ve finally made a firm decision: I am moving from the free over to the paid  Obviously I’m not moving over right this very second but I want to start the transition on the afternoon of December 21st and be fully done by January 1st, in time to launch my 2016 reading and reviewing challenge.  I’m hoping to migrate over all of my followers as well as pay for a link redirect so that anyone still coming back here gets directed to my new site.  We’ll see how things go.  They should go reasonably well as I’ll be paying for a guided transfer rather than mucking through the whole thing on my own.  My archives are too vast to even attempt that with my level of technological know-how (or lack thereof).

So stick around because there are going to be some great changes coming this way!  I hope to see you all over on my official website in a month or so.

Happy Thanksgiving (And an Update)

I’m Canadian so today was Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians here.  And a very early happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

Anyway, I wanted to finally check in again and say this: I’m finally, finally feeling better and my schedule isn’t nearly so crazy.  Therefore on Wednesday I will be resuming regular posting.  I’m not resuming regular posting tomorrow, on October 13th, because it is my birthday and as has been my custom for three years, I’ll be writing an off-topic post about a subject I care about deeply.  So it’s not really regular programming.  However, as I said, the reviews, articles and discussions you’ve come to expect from me will resume on Wednesday.

Thanks for sticking with me through this tough time!

Yep, Sick Again

There’s a super-nasty cough going around my apartment complex and I, like 90% of the people living here have it.  Of course it’s about 10 times worse than normal because of my asthma so I’ve not had a pleasant past few days.  Some cases have developed into pneumonia so if things don’t seem to be getting better next week, I’m going straight to a doctor.  The last thing I need is pneumonia.

Hope you’re all having better Fridays than me!