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Discussion: Books You Want to See Adapted

Every book fan has had their favourite book butchered in either movie or television form.  (Trust me, I used to be an Eragon fan.)  But sometimes you get a very faithful adaptation of the books that are in some ways even better than the source material.  See: Harry Potter (done well) and Game of Thrones (sometimes even better, sometimes worse but generally done well).  One of the things that really annoys me about movies these days is that they’re remaking movies that no one wants to see remade: movies that just came out a couple of years ago, classics, etc.

Then that got me thinking: what if the movie industry decided to adapt more worthy books instead of remaking old movies again and again?

One of the books I would love to see on the silver screen is Feed by Mira Grant.  Zombies are popular now and Shaun and Georgia are main characters that are fairly easy to relate to.  Mira Grant wrote the book in such a cinematic fashion that it would be very easy to adapt and make a two to two and a half hour movie out of the novel without really cutting all that much.  Plus, there’s a ton of humour, political intrigue and of course zombies (with extra added science!).  If the right director got his/her hands on it, I would probably be first in line to go see it as a movie.

What I want to know now is this: If a good director that stayed faithful to the source material was going to adapt any book, what book would you want to see as a movie or a TV show?  Why?

Books that Should be Made into Movies (Part One)

Hollywood has gone through a bit of a creative dry spell lately, what with all of its remakes of earlier movies and book adaptations.  The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lightning Thief…what next?  Well, I have a few suggestions of my own.

1.  Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden

I am actually shocked that some ambitious Hollywood director hasn’t picked up the rights to Conn Iggulden’s bestselling Genghis series.  There have been other movies about Genghis Khan, most notably the one where Omar Sharif was Genghis, but I have a feeling that Conn Iggulden’s version is much more accurate.  If an ambitious director with a large budget (I’m thinking along the lines of James Cameron) was to secure the rights to the series, it would not only be more historically accurate, it would appeal to the masses.  The tale of the khan’s second son who unites the entire Mongol nation and goes on to conquer the largest empire ever is your classic underdog story, which people love.  Oh, and of course it will have lots of battle scenes, which are very popular among theater-going audiences. Continue reading