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Lazy Sundays: Audiobooks

There are many people that love audibooks, some that hate them and many that haven’t ever really tried them.  I fall into the third category.  Although Marc Secchia was kind enough to gift me an audiobook copy of Aranya, I never really had the time to listen to it.  But lately while I’ve been doing housework or even just working out I’ve been giving it a try.  The narrator is articulate and amusing and of course the sheer beauty of Marc Secchia’s writing style lends itself to being read aloud well.  But I still wasn’t sold on audiobooks until I listened to an audiobook of The Carnelian Legacy, which was gifted to me by Cheryl Koevoet a few days ago as a way of thanking me for helping out with the cover reveal.  This one combined with Aranya has me sold on audiobooks: they’re a great way to absorb a story while not having to physically sit down and read.  And some of them are quite elaborate, with sound effects and their own theme music.

I don’t think I’ll ever really buy an audiobook in place of a physical copy or ebook but who knows?  I never thought I’d really read ebooks either.

So what do you guys think of audiobooks?  Do you love ’em, hate ’em or haven’t ever tried ’em?