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Lazy Sundays: Winter is Depressing

After a reasonably warm October and beginning of November, I think I finally have to make my peace with the fact that the snow is here to stay.  It started snowing only a couple of days ago but I guess it’s not going to melt until spring now.  (Sigh.)  I really, really hate winter.  And I really, really hate taking the bus in the cold because the busses are rarely on time.

This has basically been my Sunday: whining about the weather while knowing full well I live in Canada and so have no right to expect anything but snow in winter.

How has your Sunday been?

Lazy Sundays: The Comeback

Well, last week I had a nice little vacation in real life where I finally, finally got my act together.  So tomorrow things are going back to normal, starting with a review of Sophie Perinot’s Medici’s Daughter.  I’m so excited to get back into things and I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me this long.  You’re all awesome.

Lazy Sundays: Still Alive

Well, this week took a lot out of me.  I got even sicker and couldn’t get to the doctor so I was pretty desperate by about Wednesday.  Then overnight I suddenly started feeling better.  Maybe it was the good sleep I had that night or maybe this stupid cough has finally run its course but now it’s Sunday and I’m actually feeling like myself again.

So sorry for the disappearance again but I’m back!  And finally healthy!

How was your Sunday?

Lazy Sundays: Sick and Tired

Ugh, it’s one week later and I’m sicker than ever.  Last Sunday I spent all day with a fever and although my fever is gone, I’ve been coughing since Monday.  And it’s not getting any better.    Normally a cough wouldn’t be a problem for an adult, but my asthma makes every cough even more unpleasant.  And I can’t take any cough syrups since they exacerbate my asthma.  Ugh again.

So tomorrow it’s off to the nearest clinic for me.

Basically: I’m miserable, tired and cranky.  How has your week been?  (Hopefully significantly better than mine.)

Lazy Sundays: Get Off My Lawn!

I feel old.

I’ve always been told I’m mature for my age and throughout my school years that was a bad thing as I didn’t really relate to any of my classmates.  However, since I’ve moved to the city I’ve met a variety of people of various ages and things have been good.  Except at home.

My apartment complex has mostly people in the 18-24 demographic, like myself.  However, this creates the usual problems you’d encounter with a bunch of young people in one building, some of them living on their own for the very first time.  Mainly, a lot of people are drinking and going out partying frequently.  They come in at odd hours of the night and morning and are loud, as drunks tend to be.  This wouldn’t be so bad if they would confine their revelry to weekends, when I don’t have to get up early in the morning.  However, they seem to feel the need to go out several times a week, even on weeknights to go and get smashed.

So basically I’ve been left thinking: get off my lawn, youngin’s.  Don’t you have anything better to do than go out 5 times a week and get drunk?  Don’t you have jobs or educational responsibilites at the very least?  How the hell do you have the money to do this?  Alcohol is expensive!  Why do you feel the need to drink in order to have fun?

Yep, I still feel old.  And extremely grumpy but that may have more to do with being woken up at 3 in the morning because two drunk girls were arguing about money outside my apartment.  For 30 minutes, becoming increasingly incoherent with each passing minute.  It might have been funny if it wasn’t 3 in the morning.

So how has your weekend been?  Hopefully a lot more peaceful than mine.

Lazy Sundays: Head Cold

Ugh, so much for getting back on track this week.  Normally when I suffer from a head cold I just have to blow my nose obnoxiously for a few days or weeks but this one is really taking me down.  I’m exhausted all the time and a little lightheaded when I have to climb the stairs up to my apartment.  I’m keeping hydrated and sleeping lots but this one is going to be tough.  But so far there’s no fever or any other symptoms so there’s no point in going to the doctor yet.  I foresee a lot of chicken noodle soup over the next week.

So what are you guys up to this weekend?  I’ve been in bed for most of it, reading and watching the occasional Rome episode (which is amazing so far).

Lazy Sundays: Addicting TV Series

As you guys know, I love both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones TV series.  But lately I’ve been working my way through Breaking Bad (just finished the third season) and House of Cards (just finished the first season).  Both shows are ridiculously addictive and yet I just bought a new TV series to work my way through this winter: HBO’s Rome.  I’ve heard both good and bad things about it but it was on sale at HMV so I figured I might as well give it a try.  If I totally hate it I can sell it to the used DVD shop down the street.

So what TV series do you guys follow?  What would you recommend to other people?  Why?  Have you watched Rome?  If so, how was it?