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Lazy Sundays: Mother’s Mercy (Game of Thrones Episode 5.10)

Okay, wow, let’s get into this, shall we?

1.  Yay Sansa and Theon for probably escaping!  Theon finally stood up to Ramsay’s authority and Sansa was working on a plan to get out anyway.  Now that the two are together on the run I really hope they’ll make it to safety.

2.  The Meryn Trant scene was very, very disturbing I must admit.  There’s something about a teenage girl killing a man slowly (and clearly enjoying it) that is disturbing, no matter how horrible a person the man in question was.  I think Arya will never truly be a Faceless Man because she’s so attached to her identity as a Stark but she could be a pretty fearsome assassin one day.

3.  And Stannis is dead!  I never really liked Stannis in the books and I really, really didn’t like him in the show.  After killing Shireen I had no doubt he’d die but I didn’t think it would be that soon.  With Selyse and Shireen dead and Melisandre abandoning the cause, Stannis had nothing to live for.

4.  Hmm…Brienne choosing revenge over duty to Sansa?  I wonder what consequences that could have in the future…

5.  That was quite the pity party with Daario, Jorah and Tyrion.  I think it’s awesome that Daario and Jorah are going on a road trip despite the bad blood between them (“She’s in a good mood”, anyone?).

6.  Two eunuchs, a dwarf and a woman ruling a city like Meereen that’s not known to be all that progressive?  That will be very, very interesting next season.  I really can’t wait to see Tyrion back in power.

7.  And Daenerys got captured by a khalasar just like in the books.  It does not bode well for her but at least she had the sense to drop her ring in case anyone is tracking her.

8.  I can’t believe Myrcella died!  Well, actually I was sort of wary after that moment between her and Jaime but I just didn’t expect the Sand Snakes to kill her.  In the books they wanted to crown her, not kill her.

9.  Cersei’s walk of shame was just as brutal as it was in the books and I think Lena Headey did such an amazing job with it.  She didn’t overdo the emotion but you could clearly see her degrading mental status as the brutality of the mob got to her.  I was so relieved when she finally made it to the Red Keep.  At the same time, after she gets out of the streets there’s almost a look of determination in her face.  Will she go completely soft like in the books or go on a murder spree and make sure she keeps her promise to that awful septa.

10.  Ah, so we finally see Zombie Mountain.  I wonder what role he’ll play in the future?

11.  Poor Jon Snow; I think we all saw that coming (except for some people on Twitter, who were just totally shocked).  But is he really dead?  Sure, he was bleeding out and sure Kit Harington has said he’s truly dead but there has to be a reason for Melisandre coming back to Castle Black.  Could she revive him in true Thoros of Myr style, believing him to be the new saviour instead of Stannis?

So what did you guys think of the finale?  Are you as anxious as me for season 6?

Lazy Sundays: The Walking Dead Finale

Spoilers ahead!

Since I don’t analyze TV shows/movies as in-depth as I do books here are just some of my general thoughts on the finale tonight:

1.  I was convinced Glenn or Daryl were going to die for pretty much the entire episode.  I’m not sure why but knowing that Glenn is dead in the comics always makes me nervous when he’s in any sort of peril.

2.  Morgan’s back!  And he’s not crazy!  He’s oddly zen and I really hope that in Season 6 they go a bit into his backstory and we find out how he went from the total crazy person he was in ‘Clear’ to one of the more sane people in the finale ‘Conquer’.  Now that would be a story.

3.  I kind of want Michonne to take over Alexandria.  She’s got far more sense than Rick or Deanna.  Rick’s riding the crazy train right now and Deanna is probably going to get there after losing her husband and son in such a short period of time.  I don’t mean that Rick is as crazy as he was in the prison but he really does need to tone things down before he goes full Shane.

4.  Go Carol!

5.  Who are the Wolves?  And what’s their endgame?  They seem pretty messed up and I think they’ll be a major plot point in Season 6 but at the same time Scott Gimple has said that while people were the main threat in previous seasons, they won’t be in Season 6.  (That was in the letter Chris Hardwick read aloud on Talking Dead.)

Did you guys watch the finale?  Thoughts?