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Thank You

After the drama of the long weekend, it’s been difficult to get back to my regular blogging schedule.  Comment moderation and replying is slower than usual, but rest assured that I will get my act together after another day and all comments will have the replies they deserve.

With that said, I want to give a huge thank you to the book blogging and self-publishing communities.  Thank you to everyone who showed me support through a comment, tweet or Facebook post.  In a way, it’s sort of restored my faith in humanity because it shows that the behaviour of the author involved is completely unacceptable to pretty much everyone.  As it should be.

I would also like to thank you guys for not (as far as I know) perpetuating the cycle of hatred that the author started.  Trolling, death threats, etc. were not a part of this incident as far as I know and I’m very grateful for that.  There’s no excuse for anyone to do that, especially when it’s in retaliation for that same behaviour.  I’m not a really dramatic person, so thank you so much for keeping the drama to a minimum.

Even if it means there will be incidents like this in the future, I will make this promise to all of you here and now: I am not giving up on the self-publishing community.  I will continue to fight for your right to be recognized as legitimate authors and after a bit of a break will support you through reviews and interviews as I’ve always done.  I’ve made my decision and I know that after my break I will not be closing submissions to indies because of the actions of one person.  That’s unfair, especially considering how many good experiences I’ve had and all the new friends I’ve made in my year and a half of blogging.

The Mad Reviewer is Closed to Submissions (Temporarily)

With so many requests coming in as well as my own not-so-great health, I’ve decided to close submissions for reviews from authors until the fall.  This will give me more time to focus on my health, but also to catch up on those authors who have been waiting and waiting for months while I’ve only had time to process the numerous review requests I’ve received.  If you got your request into me before 8:26am MST I’ll still process it.

There are, however, two exceptions for the closed submission policy:

1.  If you’re an author who has a series and I’ve read your first book and liked it, you are free to submit your second book for review.  If I like that, then your third book and so on and so on.  This is so I don’t forget the characters’ names in a series, let alone half of the plot points before I get to finish it!

2.  If you are a publisher contacting me to review an ARC or galley copy as long as it is a print copy I will process your request.   This is because I usually have more time to read print copies.

For those of you wondering, I will likely be re-opening for business sometime in the fall.