“The Spread of Kidness” and More Weird Search Terms

Last time I did a post like this, it was called “Why do people hate naked men?” and Other Weird Search Terms.  This time, the naked people are back for round two!  But apparently no one hates naked men this time.

Here are some of the weirdest search terms I’ve had lately:

i read one pages in a hour

weird things guys do when nude

weird thing people do in naked

naked people

weird naked games


the spread of kidness

naked people illinois to make people


weird naked girls

zodiac read mad

i read 4 pages an hour

how do i make cardboard snakehead

And, finally, the crowning glory:

looking at naced pepol

By posting about these weird search terms I’m definitely just adding fuel to the fire, I know.  But even before I posted articles about weird search terms I got some seriously disturbing ones.  (Just check out the first article!)  At least none of these search terms are about sexual assault this time around.


  1. lipsyy

    hahaha I love getting weird search terms, they’re so funny. I think my favourite of those is ‘how do i make cardboard snakehead’. Brilliant.

  2. literaryvittles

    haha this was quite entertaining. I haven’t gotten that many weird search terms yet, but a couple that stand out are “spices in politics” and “american psycho ending i didn’t understand”

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