The Best and Worst of April 2015

Um, where did April go?  I feel like it went by in a blur.  One day I was doing the March financial statements at work and after what felt like one week later I started doing the April financial statements today.  So really I can’t say how my April went other than fast.  I was glad Game of Thrones started up again and that the weather has been really nice here in my corner of Saskatchewan.  My formal dress that I ordered came in the other day and only needs some tiny adjustments to fit perfectly.  Things are really looking up for May.

Stats-wise April was not bad.  I received 5,242 views in total, which is down from March by about 600 but I’m not too worried.  My unique views were pretty decent with 3,550 in total in April.  That’s a lot less than I received last April when my Game of Thrones rebuttal article really took off with the premiere of season 4.  I really can’t complain.  I’m just happy that my daily views are consistent and that Game of Thrones is back.

So what were my best articles this month?

1.  Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones—A Rebuttal

2.  How to Read 100 Pages in an Hour

3.  The Day an Author Suggested I Kill Myself

4.  The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome

5.  The Game of Thrones Rape Problem

There aren’t really any new ones here except for #5.  What’s more interesting to me is that in regards to #3, Bruce Willis was shoved back into the spotlight when he launched yet another highly sexist and swear-heavy attack on an editor who dared to edit.  She posted it on Twitter and although I won’t link to it, it was pretty shocking and disgusting.  Well, not for this guy, who has previously launched anti-Semitic attacks against some editors, but shocking to polite society.

So what were my worst posts this month?

1.  The Best and Worst of March 2015

2.  The Mad Reviewer’s First Giveaway

3.  My Interview with John Heldt (2)

4.  Writers: Beware the False Editor

5. Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kachel

At least this month every single ‘worst’ post on the list is new.  Some of them, like #1 and #2 are completely dated by now while others are books that are not very popular, authors that are not exactly bestsellers and articles on topics that are quite common like bad editors.  I’m not disappointed by any of these on the list because I know that as usual there will be different ones next month.

So how was your April?  Did it go by as quickly as mine?

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