The Mad Reviewer Reading and Reviewing Challenge 2016 Sign Up

2016MRRCWell, last year’s reading challenge is over (although you can still confirm your reviews until January 15th if you head over here) so now it’s time for the 2016 Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge.  A huge thank you goes to the amazing Diantha Jones for designing the lovely challenge button you see above for the fourth year in a row.  If you’re participating in the challenge, you can grab the button above. Here is the HTML for it:

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Once again, the challenge is the same as last year:

The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge is to read and review (either on Goodreads, Amazon or your own blog) 104 books in one year starting January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2016.

I’m fully aware that not everyone has time to read 104 books which is why I’ve created different levels of the challenge that you can aspire to:

1.  Mad Reviewer: 104 books in one year. (2 books a week all year.)

2.  Crazy Reviewer: 52 books in one year. (1 book a week all year.)

3.  Slightly Sane Reviewer: 26 books in one year. (1 book every fortnight all year.)

4.  Sane Reviewer: 12 books in one year.  (1 book every month all year.)


1.  Self-published, independently published and traditionally published books are all completely acceptable.  Whether you read print copies or ebook copies makes no difference at all.

2.  No audiobooks.  I’d prefer people to read the books themselves, not have someone reading to them.  Audiobooks can absolutely be a valuable tool for busy readers but they’re not really in the spirit of this challenge.

3.  I don’t have a sign up form but if you intend to do this challenge you must post a comment below so that you’re officially signed up.

4.  You can review your books on any site.  Your own blog, Goodreads, someone else’s blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  The point is just to review the books you read!

5.  The last day you can sign up is July 31st of 2016.  I’m not taking any more entries after that, sorry.

6.  The draw for the 2016 prizes will take place in the first few days of January 2017.  This will give everyone time to tell me they’ve finished their chosen level and I’ll have time to actually verify the reviews.  I’m not chasing people around like I did in 2014; especially not now that my challenge includes 50+ people.  So at the end of the year, in December, head on back to my blog and tell me through the Contact Page or my submissions post I’ll have up on December 30th.

If you have a blog it would be great if you could use the button at the top of the post designed by the lovely Diantha Jones for me.  (She also designed the 2015 version and my banner.)


Anyone who completes the level they stated as their goal will be entered into a draw.  How many entries you get will be determined by what level you’ve achieved:

Mad Reviewer (104 books): 4 entries

Crazy Reviewer (52 books): 3 entries

Slightly Sane Reviewer (26 books): 2 entries

Sane Reviewer (12 books): 1 entry

I know life gets in the way of reading and reviewing frequently, so what I offer to people who don’t complete their goal is a second chance of a sort.  Say you aimed for Crazy Reviewer and only reviewed 30 books.  Since you reviewed a minimum of 26 books you can still enter the draw as a Slightly Sane Reviewer.  That way you’ve at least achieved a level of the challenge as well as had your name entered in the grand prize draw where I’ll be choosing a winner and three runners up.  (This second chance applies to any level.)


Just post your name, the link to where you’ll be reviewing your books and the level at which you want to participate in the comments below!  I’ll be posting a separate list of all the challenge participants (and their goals) as the comments flow in. If you could also publicize the challenge using Twitter, Facebook, your own blogs, etc. that would be great.  The more the merrier!


  1. Navy Wife Chronicles

    Hello there! Long time reader but have never joined your challenge. I need to get out of this non-reading slump! (I go through reading phases, months where I read everything then months where I quietly mourn the end of my last favorite novel or series.) I’m over at ????

    • Carrie Slager

      What level did you want to try for? I like everyone to have a goal at the beginning. Even if you don’t reach your level, you still qualify for lower levels for the year end draw. 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Thank you! Did you want to join the challenge? If so, all you have to do is give me a link to your website or your Goodreads profile.

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  3. thedailyopine

    I’ll be signing up for the slightly sane reviewer again this year. I don’t yet have a spot for posts but will provide one as soon as I have a chance to set it up (hopefully sometime this week).

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  5. Bev Hankins

    Question: I just found your challenge. Can I count reviews already done in January or do I start from when I post a sign-up? Either way, I’ll be in for the Mad Reviewer Level (and will be back with a sign-up link ASAP). Just want to know if I can go ahead and list the books already reviewed….

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