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Everything on my blog is my own opinion, except for comments made by others (which are theirs).  I try to be a fair and light-handed moderator, but any spamming or trolling will be deleted without a moment’s hesitation.  Here are some general guidelines to read before you comment:

1.  Feel free to debate with me or any other commenters.  However, your comment will be deleted if the debate degenerates into personal attacks, bigotry and/or racism, sexism, etc.

2.  No swearing in the comments!  I try to keep my blog as family friendly as possible, as it is a YA blog.

3.  Don’t say anything in the comments you wouldn’t say in front of the person you respect most in real life.

4.  Stay on topic.  I always delete links that are promoting your own site unless they’re actually relevant to the discussion.  (i.e. On ‘The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome’ if you link to your own article about the similarities that’s fine and I encourage it!  If you’re saying “check me out please! [link]” then I’m not going to be so happy.)

5.  No one is perfect, but do try to use proper grammar and check your spelling.  I am constantly amazed by the superior quality of commenting on my blog and I would like to keep things this way.

Any violations of these policies can result in deleted comments, temporary suspensions or a permanent commenting ban.  The degree of violation is what determines your punishment.  Minor infractions = chastisement, edited or deleted comments.  Major infractions = suspensions or bans.


  1. Kevin

    I agree with this because it’s ok to not agree with something but if you do it disrespectful you’re going to get blocked, and your comment will be deleted.

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