“book bloggers are ugly” Plus More Weird Search Terms

Well folks, here we are again, back for another installment of weird search terms.  This time they’re pretty varied and some are pretty offensive so let’s get right into the list:

name for male love interest


how many women do not like game of thrones

yes i am bad

totar informishan book 2015 m.ad

grab nefertari

a good name for a character

book bloggers are ugly

every one have there on work but am free

can characters fall in love in one week in ya romance?

sick of hearing about diversity

blonde people in books

i hate teenagers

where to purchase terry deary books like barnes and nobles

And, the crowning glory:

how do you know when an introvert is mad at you


Um, when they tell you they are like normal human beings do?  Or when they act mad and then ignore you?  I don’t know; I’m an introvert and if I’m mad at someone I’ll let them know.

So what do you think of the search terms this time around?  Any favourites?  If you’re a blogger, have you gotten any weird ones like this?

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